Does tap water make you sick?

Drinking chemical rich tap water has been linked to an increase in the occurrence of various food allergies in children and adults. The use of environmental pesticides and purifying chemicals is an all-time high and a growing health concern.


Water contamination news: New water contaminants – chemicals need to be added to the list that should be controlled.

Universities and the U.S. Geological Survey have noticed that some fish and other aquatic creatures have been developing rather unusual characteristics. For example, the National Geographic News reported in 2004 that a statistically significant study by the USGS found that some bass in the Potomac River had developed testicular as well as ovarian tissues. Yes, the boys could make eggs.

Other studies identified similar problems existing in other rivers around the country. The EPA and other researchers are convinced that chemicals that are not normally sampled or treated are able to pass through our municipal treatment systems and are having the documented impacts.


Contaminated water news: Pennsylvania – methane making an appearance in Pa. water supplies.

Mike and Nancy Leighton’s problems began on May 19, just as Mike was settling in to watch the Preakness Stakes. A neighbor in Leroy Township, Pa., called Mike and told him to check the water well located just outside his front door.

“I said, ‘I’ll be down in 15 minutes.’ I wanted to see the race,” Leighton said. But as the horses were racing, Leighton’s well was overflowing. Typically, there’s between 80 to 100 feet of head space between the top of the well and its water supply. But when Leighton went outside, the water was bubbling over the top.

Down the road, Ted and Gale Franklin’s water well had gone dry. When water started coming out later that week, the liquid was “black as coal,” according to Gale.Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection blames a nearby hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, operation. It says methane gas has leaked out of the well, which is operated by Chesapeake Energy, and into the Leightons’ and Franklins’ water supplies.


Portland, Oregon contaminated drinking water news brief: Portland’s westside tap water is safe to drink, officials say.

Reservoir 3 at Washington Park is drained due to contaminated water problem, although the ban on drinking the water was removed at 8am Sunday. On Monday they will be cleaning the Reservoir 3.


Water pollution and research news brief: Groundbreaking research could help Altavista clean up a polluted pond – PCBs promote dendrite growth, may increase autism risk.

For decades, industries dumped polychlorinated biphenyls “PCB‘s” into a pond near the Staunton River. The chemicals have formed a toxic sludge in the water, and Altavista leaders are being forced to clean it up


Water pollution news: Local water utilities win Atrazine legal battle.

. Law suit over Syngenta loses legal battle . The utilities’ were paying tens of thousands of dollars a year to remove the chemical atrazine from drinking water.


Fracking – Injection wells – The hidden risks of pumping waste underground – An unseen link, then boom.

The mysterious disaster claimed national headlines, but there was little public discussion of the fact that it was caused by problems with underground injection wells It was thought waste injection wells, gas storage wells operate under similar principles and assumptions: that deeply buried layers of rock will prevent injected substances from leaking into water supplies


Contaminated drinking water news. Kettleman City residents face a three-year wait to get healthy drinking water.

Kettleman city receives $8 million to replace town’s water supply, which is laced with cancer-causing arsenic, benzene . Project won’t be finished until 2015.


Water contamination news: Toxic garden hose water: Drinking from common water hoses potentially dangerous, study finds. [Huffingtonpost, Ecology Center and reports from EPA / FDA]

Water,Garden hose, Report on toxic chemicals found in garden hoses:According to the study, the water also contained plastic additives including phthalates —or plasticizers — and bisphenol A (BPA) that were “found to migrate out of the hose material into water contained in the hose.


Contaminated drinking water news: NEERI develops indigenous process to reduce high fluoride in water content.

The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI) developed an indigenous and economically viable process to reduce high fluoride content in potable water, which would have a domestic and community applications.The chemo-defluoridation of potable water with high fluoride content is achieved in collaboration with the Mumbai-based Rajeev Gandhi Science and Technology Commission, and can be used for reduction of fluoride concentration from 5-8 mg/L to < 1.0 mg/L (miligram per litre). The process does not affect the palatability of water.


Global water contamination news: Canada water crisis – pipeline spill sends 22,000 barrels of oil mix into Alberta muskeg.

Pipeline spill sends 22,000 barrels of oil mix into Alberta muskeg.The most recent spill was discovered May 19 emanating from a pipeline belonging to Pace Oil & Gas Ltd. (PCE-T3.49-0.08-2.24%), a small energy company that produces about 15,000 barrels a day, roughly half of that oil.


Jamaican Island Water Issue: No need to panic! Asbestos cement pipes safe, says NWC [The Gleaner]

Erica Virtue, Senior Gleaner Writer

More than three decades after the National Water Commission (NWC) ended its use of pipes made from asbestos cement to distribute drinking water the company has admitted that these are still in its distribution system. But like it did 30 years ago, the NWC is still adamant that there is no need to panic.

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