Water and The Three Villages

There once were three villages, and all were well. Over time, the first village ran out of water, the second village’s water became unclean, but the third village was able to keep their water clean and in abundant supply. The world is waking up and working on village number one. With the destabilized global hydrologic systems we are all living with, our common humanity may be all members of village one. Village two is in great need, yet there are a great many people and resources being directed at solving the problem. Village three is happening. Not en masse, but step by step.


United States Hosts World Water Day

World Water Day 2015, through it’s theme “Water and Sustainable Development,” endeavors to explore how deeply interconnected water is to various public systems, to include food, health, urbanization, industry, energy, and equality, and how we can transform them by employing a comprehensive strategy of sustainability.


What We Think We Know about Water

March 22nd, 2015 — this year’s World Water Day — make this the day that we begin to think differently.


World Water Day and the Issue of Water Shortage

This year, the theme is “Water and Sustainable Development,”1 highlighting the issue of water scarcity. Water is a resource used every single day, often times irresponsibly or absentmindedly, making this theme highly relevant for today.

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