STEM Program For Schools

The STEM Program for Schools is designed for middle to high schools to garner interest in the field
of science. The entire program will be in the form of interactive and demonstrative sessions.
In addition to creating interest in sciences among the students, this program is intended to:

● Provide hands-on experience in basic chemical tests and handling of microscope with
relevance to water analysis.

● Inculcate questioning tendencies that will have an impact on our present and future water

● Develop real-time solutions and put them into regular practice on a daily basis.

● Create awareness and interest in the well-being and betterment of society.

What will we do?

Upon receiving consent from a school to participate in the program on a pre-established date,
STW™ will set up a mobile water laboratory in a classroom where several different classes can
participate throughout the day in groups. The academic level of the information presented is
adjusted to specific student grade levels.

The STW STEM Program is brought to the schools free of charge, as STW finds grants
and sponsors to support the program. The program can be repeated multiple times in a year,
subject to the request of the school management and availability of sponsor funds. Since there is
a lot of material we can present, the sessions and the length of the sessions can be adjusted to
accommodate multiple visits per school year.

The program comprises of hands-on activities in the laboratory

● Observation under a microscope: A trinocular microscope connected to a laptop computer
will be set up in the classroom to observe water samples previously collected from a water body
near the school. While one student looks through the microscope, the others can see the image on
the computer screen. During this portion of the class, a background of freshwater ecology will be
shared with the students.

● Demonstrations via basic wet chemistry analytical tests: This will be conducted to
understand water contamination using the same water sample viewed in the microscope. All the
reasoning and purpose behind the tests will also be shared.

● A display of an eco-landscape: This is used to demonstrate how water gets contaminated (as

● A live hand-in-the-water demonstration: This demonstration shows how chemicals in tap
water are absorbed by the skin.

All the demonstrations are linked to the scientific teaching methodology, so that the students are
involved in questioning, conducting research, constructing hypotheses, performing experiments to
test the hypotheses and drawing conclusions.

What will we use for our demonstrations?

● Microscope and microscopy supplies

● Laptop

● Projector and projection screen

● pH meters

● Specific gravity glassware and hydrometer

● Dissolved Oxygen (DO) meters

● Thermometers

● Barometric pressure reading

● Chemical supplies to analyze for: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine

How much will this program cost?

This program will be conducted at no cost to the schools and would be supported by our sponsor
organizations. All we would require is your time and leave the rest to us!

For more information on STEM, visit our STEM and Water Science Education Resources
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