Himalayas and Nepal Project

Technical Proposal

The Himalaya Range combines a spiritual retreat for those in its sacred areas, a diversity of flora and fauna, a welcome terrain for extreme sports enthusiasts, and unfortunately, a myriad of water-related crises for people that live in the region bordering India, Nepal and beyond. In addition to seasonal monsoons, water issues include shortages and contamination due to underdeveloped infrastructure, waterborne diseases from sanitation conditions, and arsenic in part from deforestation and agricultural practices. Save the Water™ proposes to work with nongovernmental organizations based in Nepal to address the region’s hydro challenges to include data collection, water testing, and the implementation of practical solutions.

STW™ presents several stages to a water quality proposal as follows:

1. Recruit water sampling and analysis team, herein referred to as AquaSquad™ members, from science and engineering university faculty and student pools located in Nepal.

2. Phase I assessment involves conducting a detailed hydrology and water analysis literature search (based on available data).

3. Determine if phase II and III assessments are required.

4. Recommend technical sustainable solutions.

5. Partner with local nonprofit for fundraising.

6. Identify local company to operate the project after implementation.

7. STW™ will maintain contract for support engineering, water analysis, and replacement parts.

The AquaSquad™ members chosen from local universities will participate fully in all aspects of STW™ research. Data and sample collection will be performed according to standard scientific principles and all project information will be transparently available to all interested parties. STW™ state-of-the-art analytical laboratories in conjunction with accredited independent laboratories will be able to perform tests to identify toxins in trace amounts at every stage of the process to ensure that the treatment protocols and methodology implemented produce safe drinking water. Project implementation will be performed by STW™ engineers and local labor. Materials for construction will be purchased locally when available. A budget will be prepared after a review of the phase I assessment.

Summary Save the Water™ nonprofit organization is ready to work with organizations based in Nepal to test, produce, and deliver clean drinking water daily to its citizens. Our objective is to produce a plan that implements immediate and long-term technological applications for the delivery of safe potable water. The water analytical laboratory component will be in association with university systems in Nepal. This measure will assist in ensuring that all potable water is free from contaminants. Water sustains all life. The demand for water currently exceeds available supplies. Save the Water™ will work with Nepalese organizations to produce a plan that provides an effective and efficient response to its infrastructure and water pollution concerns.

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