Humanitarian Project: Help Haiti

Due to the extensive damage to the Port-au-Prince region of Haiti, safe drinking water no longer exists in the immediate densely populated area. Furthermore, the lack of water in Port-au-Prince places an additional demand on the surrounding towns as survivors spread out in search of housing, food and water. Save the Water™ (STW™) has embarked on a relief program to provide humanitarian assistance to the earthquake-stricken citizens of Haiti.

The Save the Water™ plan will provide 100,000 gallons daily of fresh clean drinking water at Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien via reverse osmosis desalination plants. At each location, there will be fixed manifolds outside the perimeter fences and distribution of water will be accomplished by tank trucks.

Save the Water™ will also build a portable laboratory in Port-au-Prince and staff it with scientists and support personnel. STW™ scientists will have the resources to perform complete water analyses of the contaminants in the water as an essential first step to solving water contamination problems. Because the water in and around Port-au-Prince is contaminated by numerous different chemicals and organic substances, a thorough analysis must be performed before a treatment protocol can be designed.

The STW™ laboratory will analyze local sources of water to identify those sources that are safe to drink and those that are not. STW™ will identify the local sources of water with appropriate markings so that people can select safe potable water. This measure will prevent the outbreak of waterborne diseases that would further compromise the already disastrous situation.

Furthermore, our organization seeks to recruit Haitian Americans, with expertise ranging from engineering to machine operation, to work with Save the Water™ in Haiti. STW™ will also coordinate with other organizations in Haiti to supply water during one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time.

The Save the Water™ plan includes a budget based on a twelve-month projection. However, our organization is ready to engage its water technology and research capabilities on a long-term basis to assist Haiti to rebuild and in time sustain itself. STW™ can remain in Haiti well after the mass media leaves and stops drawing attention to the issue.

In summary, our plan provides immediate and direct humanitarian relief to victims of the earthquake in Haiti, through the provision of reverse osmosis water desalination units, distribution systems, and ongoing testing of untreated open water sources. The water analytical laboratory will be located at Port-au-Prince. This measure will assist in improving sanitation conditions to help prevent diseases, which could further deteriorate the already disastrous situation. Also, our organization will assist Haiti in its ability to sustain potable water through the implementation of technological applications on a permanent basis.

Water sustains all life. The demand for nearly three million people in Haiti currently exceeds available supplies. The Save the Water™ proposal provides an effective and efficient response to the Haitian earthquake crisis. Your philanthropic contribution goes directly to making this project possible.

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