Groundwater Modeling Breakthrough

A University of Wyoming professor has made a discovery that answers a nearly 100-year-old question about water movement, with implications for agriculture, hydrology, climate science and other fields.


How Salt + Car Battery = Clean Water

The device is a small plastic canister that attaches to a battery with what look like miniature jumper cables. Using a special “brine bottle,” you add salt and water in amounts indicated by lines. Mix it up, and add the salt solution to the SE200. With the push of a button, the canister illuminates, and the solution begins to bubble.


New Water Tech Lowers Arsenic Treatment Costs

Recently, a new well, reservoir and arsenic treatment system were installed for the Mesquite Hills subdivision through a public/private partnership between the City and VRE Cottonwood LLC. This new system has the capability of removing arsenic from the backwash water before it is discharged to the sewer system.


Airport’s New Water Source Is the Air

From August to December 2014, air conditioners at six gates produced more than 5,200 gallons of condensate, according to the San Diego County Airport Authority, which runs Lindbergh Field. This month, air conditioners at two more gates were added to the collection program for a total of eight.

Clean Water

This Clean Water Device Creates A Tap From A Backpack, And It’s Saving Lives

It weighs no more than 300 grams, fits easily into a backpack and looks like any other plastic bag. But the simple device is a life-saver for people who have no access to clean drinking water. The bag, called Fieldtrate Lite, filters dirty water, such as river water, through a membrane and turns it into potable water in the same time it would take to run it from the tap.


California Looks to the Ocean for Water During Historic Drought

Environmentalists continue to fight desalination because they say that pumping ocean water and disposing of the concentrated brine harms sea life. Desalination plants also use a lot of energy.


Chinese Apparel Makers Face Pressure to Reduce Water Pollution

The textile industry has long been one of China’s largest polluters. One Chinese government estimate puts the amount of shallow and deep groundwater that is severely polluted in the North China plains, home to a significant portion of China’s farmlands, at more than 70%.


Researchers Study Inexpensive Process to Clean Water in Developing Nations

Lack of potable water is a huge problem in many developing countries. According to UNICEF, 783 million people worldwide are without improved drinking water, and the World Health Organization estimates that lack of proper drinking water causes 1.6 million deaths each year from diarrheal and parasitic diseases.


Gov. Brown Says Fixing Delta Water System Important for Entire State

Southern California gets water by turning on giant pumps that artificially force the San Joaquin River to flow backward, killing fish such as salmon and smelt, causing such great environmental damage that water deliveries to the region have been restricted. Parts of the Bay Area, such as Livermore and Silicon Valley, also rely on water from the delta, Brown said.


Water Machine Converts Humidity in Air to Water

The drought may be busted, and if AWG Technology’s water machine works as well as its developers say, it may never come back. The machine is based on Spanish technology. Local developers John Vollmer and Moses West are testing it out and allowing it to be evaluated by numerous entities, including the military.


University of Utah Engineers Launch Clean Water Initiative in Pakistan

“Estimates indicate at least one quarter of Pakistanis do not have safe and reliable access to clean drinking water,” Steven Burian, University of Utah associate professor of civil and environmental engineering. He said the project, announced Wednesday in Pakistan, will help in many ways, beyond providing sustainable, clean water.


In a Drought, Should We Drink Sewage? Singapore Does

They call it “NEWwater” but it’s just the opposite: recycled sewage water packed in clear plastic bottles, ready for drinking. Today NEWwater makes up 30% of Singapore’s water, almost all of it used for industrial purposes. But bottles are also given away at civic events to get people used to the idea of drinking what once would have been poured into the ocean.

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