Innovation: Wycliffe Churchill pumps water from fabricates water pump in his village home in Kamagambo village in Migori County. He innovated the pump after being disturbed to see locals succumb to water-borne diseases because of lack of clean drinking water. [Photo credit: HEZRON OCHIEL/STANDARD]

Water Pump Invention that Serves Villagers

In Kamagambo village, Migori County in Kenya, Churchill Odumo was disturbed by the fact that many villagers were succumbing to water-borne diseases because of lack of clean drinking water. His desire was to come up with a suitable way of pumping underground water from wells using a simple technology that relies on a non-conventional energy source.

Bill Gates'

Bill Gates’ Omniprocessor is the Future of Water Technology

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and engineering firm, Janicki Bioenergy, are currently at the forefront of the most recent groundbreaking advances in water science by discovering a way to turn feces into clean drinking water (1).

clean drinking water

How Solar Power Could Provide Clean Drinking Water

Energy accessibility is at the forefront of many governments and companies’ minds are work is underway to bring energy to those without. One company, Oregon’s Puralytics, is using that energy to help bring clean drinking water to third-world countries.

The company gained international attention several years ago with its SolarBag, a device that used solar energy to clean small amounts of contaminated water, making it safe to drink. Now, with the SolarBag in use in 60 countries worldwide, Puralytics is looking to go bigger.

water purification technology

Advancements in Water Purification Technology: How Straws Can Save Lives

Water is an essential of life that many of us take for granted. In industrialized countries, we’ve become accustomed to a seemingly endless flow of pure, uncontaminated water from the tap at the turn of a wrist. In our society, access to an unlimited amount of clean water is considered the norm, and as a result we often waste it.

Water purifier made from foil chip packets and glass tube might save lives in PNG

Water Purifier Made from Foil Chip Packets and Glass Tube Might Save Lives in PNG

Adelaide engineering students have developed a simple water treatment system using foil chip packets and glass tubing, hoping they can save lives in the developing world. “The system can successfully treat close to 40 litres in four hours and the beauty is that it’s designed to be modular, so more modules can be added for greater quantities of water.”

Russia's Battle with Water Pollution Continues

Russia’s Battle with Water Pollution Continues

Water pollution in Russia, according to Greenpeace, continues to be widespread. Recently, however, companies offering new customized solutions for water purification have appeared on the market. One of them was established by former suppliers to Gazprom.

purify water

BU Prof’s Patented Technique to Purify Water Could Bring Hope to Several Lives

Millions of children can be saved from the ill-effects of fluoride and arsenic contamination in water with the use of a nanoparticle technology patented by a Bangalore University professor.

reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis to Purify Fracking Water at Gloucester

he plant has been proposed to use reverse osmosis as the primary water treatment process for saline waste water produced by the fracking process at Gloucester


Drought May Lead More Cities To Turn Wastewater Into Drinking Water

Bill Hunt, executive director of operations for the Orange County Water District, looks out at three large basins of water in Anaheim.

“It’s an aquamarine color. The water is brilliant and clear,” says Hunt. “It’s very inviting. On a warm day, you want to go in it. It’s beautiful water.”

Hunt is not describing a tropical ocean, but recycled sewage.

It’s replenishing the district’s large groundwater aquifer — which is the source of drinking water for 2.4 million people in Orange County.

water project

India’s First Solar Water Project in Nagaland

Nagaland minister for public health engineering department Noke Wangnao inaugurated an innovative water project — solar-powered water treatment unit — at Tsiesema village near Kohima on Friday. Nagaland is the first state in the country to set up the unique technology.


How NASA Can Save Us Billions of Gallons of Water

Here’s something to add to your doomsday list of natural resources that people need to survive but are threatened by climate change: snow.


Why Drink From a Water Bottle When You Can Eat This Blob Instead?

No water bottle? No problem. Ooho, a biodegradable, water balloon-like blob, could soon be a cheap, environmentally friendly alternative to the ubiquitous plastic bottle.

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