Chinese Apparel Makers Face Pressure to Reduce Water Pollution

The textile industry has long been one of China’s largest polluters. One Chinese government estimate puts the amount of shallow and deep groundwater that is severely polluted in the North China plains, home to a significant portion of China’s farmlands, at more than 70%.


Researchers Study Inexpensive Process to Clean Water in Developing Nations

Lack of potable water is a huge problem in many developing countries. According to UNICEF, 783 million people worldwide are without improved drinking water, and the World Health Organization estimates that lack of proper drinking water causes 1.6 million deaths each year from diarrheal and parasitic diseases.


Gov. Brown Says Fixing Delta Water System Important for Entire State

Southern California gets water by turning on giant pumps that artificially force the San Joaquin River to flow backward, killing fish such as salmon and smelt, causing such great environmental damage that water deliveries to the region have been restricted. Parts of the Bay Area, such as Livermore and Silicon Valley, also rely on water from the delta, Brown said.


Water Machine Converts Humidity in Air to Water

The drought may be busted, and if AWG Technology’s water machine works as well as its developers say, it may never come back. The machine is based on Spanish technology. Local developers John Vollmer and Moses West are testing it out and allowing it to be evaluated by numerous entities, including the military.


University of Utah Engineers Launch Clean Water Initiative in Pakistan

“Estimates indicate at least one quarter of Pakistanis do not have safe and reliable access to clean drinking water,” Steven Burian, University of Utah associate professor of civil and environmental engineering. He said the project, announced Wednesday in Pakistan, will help in many ways, beyond providing sustainable, clean water.


In a Drought, Should We Drink Sewage? Singapore Does

They call it “NEWwater” but it’s just the opposite: recycled sewage water packed in clear plastic bottles, ready for drinking. Today NEWwater makes up 30% of Singapore’s water, almost all of it used for industrial purposes. But bottles are also given away at civic events to get people used to the idea of drinking what once would have been poured into the ocean.


The Ingenious Plan for the Ocean to Clean Itself Is Led by a 20-Year-Old

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans. Slat’s plan is to place enormous floating barriers in rotating tidal locations around the globe (called gyres), and let the plastic waste naturally flow into capture. These barriers aren’t nets—sea life gets tangled in those. They’re big, V-shaped buffers anchored by floating booms.


Water Technology Growing Swiftly in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has established a reputation for welcoming high-tech and life sciences companies. Now, state officials have their eyes on another promising sector, water technology, which aims to stretch, reclaim, and create water supplies to quench the thirst of growing populations in an increasingly warmer world.

Innovation: Wycliffe Churchill pumps water from fabricates water pump in his village home in Kamagambo village in Migori County. He innovated the pump after being disturbed to see locals succumb to water-borne diseases because of lack of clean drinking water. [Photo credit: HEZRON OCHIEL/STANDARD]

Water Pump Invention that Serves Villagers

In Kamagambo village, Migori County in Kenya, Churchill Odumo was disturbed by the fact that many villagers were succumbing to water-borne diseases because of lack of clean drinking water. His desire was to come up with a suitable way of pumping underground water from wells using a simple technology that relies on a non-conventional energy source.

Bill Gates'

Bill Gates’ Omniprocessor is the Future of Water Technology

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and engineering firm, Janicki Bioenergy, are currently at the forefront of the most recent groundbreaking advances in water science by discovering a way to turn feces into clean drinking water (1).

clean drinking water

How Solar Power Could Provide Clean Drinking Water

Energy accessibility is at the forefront of many governments and companies’ minds are work is underway to bring energy to those without. One company, Oregon’s Puralytics, is using that energy to help bring clean drinking water to third-world countries.

The company gained international attention several years ago with its SolarBag, a device that used solar energy to clean small amounts of contaminated water, making it safe to drink. Now, with the SolarBag in use in 60 countries worldwide, Puralytics is looking to go bigger.

water purification technology

Advancements in Water Purification Technology: How Straws Can Save Lives

Water is an essential of life that many of us take for granted. In industrialized countries, we’ve become accustomed to a seemingly endless flow of pure, uncontaminated water from the tap at the turn of a wrist. In our society, access to an unlimited amount of clean water is considered the norm, and as a result we often waste it.

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